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Jam délire

  • Grade :

    Quebec : elementary cycle 3-secondary cycle 1
    Canada : grade 5-8

The reading booklets are laid out in a magazine format and encompass three levels of difficulty.


Level 1 – Djembé

Simple texts with fairly short sentences, commonly used French words, familiar repetitive structures, and many illustrations and photos.


Level 2 – Bongo

Texts that are a little more difficult, with longer sentences and some less commonly used words. Illustrations and photos accompany the text.


Level 3 – Conga

More complex texts, with sentences over 25 words long, less familiar structures, fewer commonly used words, words that describe abstract concepts, and fewer illustrations and photos.



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Jam délire - Complete pack (1 copy of each 15 titles) 9782896500420 $249.95
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