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Branchez la littératie !

  • Grade :

    Quebec : kindergarten to secondary

    Canada: K-12

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Consultant : Alicia Logie

This highly readable book is about keeping the mind open to the amazing possibilities that the digital world affords teachers and their students. Aside from the ability to give immediate feedback and save responses, interactive whiteboards can facilitate using assessment to improve student learning.

Branchez la littératie advocates for student-centred learning, where teachers act as guides on the journey of learning that includes student choice, focused assessment, differentiated curriculum, collaborative work, and higher-level thinking.

Based on extensive classroom experience, the book argues that interactive whiteboards can create

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Branchez la littératie ! L'utilisation du tableau blanc interactif pour capter l'intérêt de vos élèves 9782896508907 $55.95
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